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mother-dorothy-soliMother Dorothy S.O.L.I.
President, Marian Residence Retirement Home

Marian Residence is a Catholic retirement home owned and operated by the Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate. We are located in a quiet neighborhood in Preston Heights, close to Parkway Public School. We have been serving the senior citizens within the Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo region and beyond for the past twenty-seven years, providing a home for hundreds of men and women of every creed and code.

People are not attracted to this residence because it is flashy, but because of the loving, friendly atmosphere that exists among the residents, staff and Sisters. Marian Residence is like a family where every resident is loved and cared for as a human person who deserves love and respect.

One aspect of the Marian Residence family that really touches the heart is the selflessness that prevails among our residents, who reach out to help one another in so many different ways. The love and devotion the residents show in spiritual matters is beautiful. Being a Catholic retirement home, Holy Mass is offered each day and many residents prize nothing higher than this moment. Some of our residents express their happiness in having the opportunity to pray with the Sisters.

Often we hear our residents say, “Sisters, I love it here and I pray to God that He can let me stay here.” Marian Residence is a place to call home for all.

Serving the senior at Marian residence is fulfilling. We are offered the opportunity to acquire wisdom from the life experience of these wonderful senior citizens we serve. For us, it is a real encounter with the realities of life and with God. It fills our hearts with joy that each day we experience the love of God through the love and joy that radiates from our residents.

It is said that “a good meal soothes the soul as it regenerates the body.” Meals at Marian Residence aim to meet this expression. We have a professional chef and excellent cooks that prepare homemade meals that are served with a smile.

The nurses discharge their duties with tender care. There is a great team spirit among the staff. Laundry and housekeeping services are done with diligence and the Sisters are on-site 24/7.

We invite any senior who desires to live in a loving, caring and compassionate environment to come to join us at Marian Residence. Our retirement home is much more than a building – it is a place to call home; a family where each resident is loved and cared for with dignity and attention.

Mother Dorothy N. Nzekwe
Superior General | Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate





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