Marian Residence Retirement Home is operated in accordance with the doctrinal beliefs and moral principles of the Catholic Church. We welcome all of God's children of every race, creed and code and to all who are willing to live/work according to the values upon which this home is operated.

The core values and principles shared by the residents, board of advisors, medical staff, employees, volunteers and Sisters are:
  • the sacredness of human life: respect for the dignity, worth and rights of each person
  • providing a Roman Catholic Christian environment which offers the opportunity for Christian beliefs, Christian worship and fellowship, spiritual growth and enrichment of each person, and an environment where each will live with the dignity of a child of God
  • providing a compassionate environment where each person is loved and cared for as a unique, unrepeatable and indestructible being
  • an environment which provides and promotes opportunity for each person to function at their maximum capability - effective communication is the responsibility of all involved in creating this environment
  • ethical decision making

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